LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES, Metros Capital is a privately held company dedicated to improving lifestyles in American cities by bringing innovative products and services to all its projects. By focusing on quality, design and sustainability, Metros seeks to reimagine the built environment. Its principals have a combined 50+ years of experience in real estate development, investment, and management.



John young

As a principal in Metros Capital, John Young is responsible for leading all aspects of the investment and development process. He works closely with his partner, Nick Halaris, to identify opportunities and develop and execute investment strategies.

Previously, John worked together with Nick to develop an impressive track record investing in distressed residential and multifamily assets. While at AH Capital, he was responsible for providing strategic oversight, arranging equity and debt financing and overseeing the company's operations.

Prior to AH Capital, John served as the founder of Young Homes, where he developed the firm as one of Southern California's largest home builders during his 20 years of leadership.

John remains an active member of the California Building Industry Association, where he was the Chairman in 2010.


nick halaris

Metros Capital principal Nick Halaris is responsible for leading all aspects of the investment and development process. He works closely with his partner, John Young, to identify opportunities and develop and execute investment strategies. 

Previously, as a founder and president of AH Capital, Nick worked together with John to develop an impressive track record investing in distressed residential and multifamily assets in the aftermath of the Great Recession. While at AH Capital, he directly supervised all of the firm's investments, arranged equity and debt financing, managed support function activities and oversaw property management operations at Sycamore Property Management, AH Capital's property management subsidiary.

Nick earned BA from University of Michigan and a JD from Stanford Law School.



nick fenmorE

As senior analyst at Metros Capital, Nick oversees the underwriting and financial modeling of all prospective investments. He also works closely with contractors, designers and city planners as the project manager of Metros’ properties.

Previously, Nick managed his personal portfolio, developing and executing algorithmic trading strategies in the forex and equities markets. As an early adopter of crowdfunding, Nick participated in some of the first real estate investment opportunities in the space and continues to be a passionate advocate for alternative technological approaches to traditional finance.

Nick attended UCLA as an undergraduate student of economics. He put those studies on hold at the age of nineteen when his DJing hobby blossomed into a full-time career. Nick performed at over twenty major music festivals around the world and made the Billboard Top 10 Uncharted Artists in 2012.


joel miller

Metros Capital Southeast Principal Joel Miller is responsible for identifying assets and managing the investment and development process in the southeast region. He works directly with Nick, John and the Metros Capital team to design investment strategies and directs contractors, management companies, and other professionals to renovate and manage Metros’ properties. Joel also presides over Turn Factory, a leading multifamily turnkey provider in Atlanta.

Previously, Joel reported to Nick at AH Capital where he held a number of leadership positions in maintenance, construction, and ultimately as Executive Director, responsible for all operations. In that role, he successfully managed a team of over 75 property management professionals across 2500 units and helped plan and manage the execution of several multi-million dollar capital improvement programs.

Prior to his work AH Capital, Joel was a project and construction manager for a national electrical contractor. He is certified PMP and a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism.



THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME that Nick and John have joined forces. In the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis they teamed up at AH Capital to find opportunities in the tremendous market dislocations of the era. Focusing first on the single family market they acquired, renovated and sold over 100 properties in some of the hardest hit neighborhoods of Los Angeles, providing completely upgraded housing for first time home buyers.

Nick and John next turned their attention to the multifamily sector, acquiring almost 2,500 units of distressed, non-performing properties in the Southeast. These properties were just as hard hit as the single family properties and required large scale renovation and re-branding efforts to back to stabilization. Around this portfolio they built a fully vertically integrated property and construction management company. At AH Capital they also built two single family rental portfolios and invested in unfinished construction projects halted during the crisis.

The seeds to Metros Capital mission came from this period. While building AH Capital, Nick and John were exposed to the challenging conditions of America’s cities at a unique time in history. They were particularly struck by the pervasive lack of basic decency, let alone quality, in much of the existing housing stock. Many, many Americans are living in outdated, unhealthy, unsafe and energy inefficient housing. Nick and John founded Metros Capital on the premise that...


a better way forward


is possible.

metros capital logo seethru.jpg

Inspired by a fragment from the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Metros Capital logo symbolizes creativity, solidity, and longevity.

Civic engagement is at the heart of the Metros Capital ethos. To this end, Metros conceived and organized a local arts initiative, ColorLA, to encourage local artists to enhance Los Angeles-area neighborhoods. And because affordable education strengthens communities, Metros principal Nick Halaris serves on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles City College Foundation.