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Color LA: Metros Capital Arts Project

Visual art plays a crucial role in the culture of Los Angeles. Along our streets we find artistic expression: from public murals that chronicle our history, to world-class architecture punctuated by public sculpture that shapes our built environment. There is a relationship between the art, the artists, and the people who live here. Residents and visitors flock to public art installations where they take photographs and share their experiences on social media. Businesses have found that incorporating art onto their buildings draws positive attention, foot traffic and sales.

Metros Capital, a local real estate development company, is launching an initiative that it hopes will revolutionize the way Angelenos interact with their environment. In the residential space, the company wants to bring art closer to home. Metros Capital Co-Founder, Nick Halaris, says, “Our arts project, ColorLA, is aiming high. We hope to bring creativity, expression and inspiration into places where these qualities have never really been found. We believe that art can foster a stronger sense of community among our residents and neighbors.” Metros Capital plans to showcase temporary and permanent art in and around its buildings that highlight cultural diversity and social responsibility. To this end, Metros Capital will commission local artists who reflect a breadth of vision through varying modes of expression.

PHASE ONE Competition is now closed. Please check back soon for Phase two!


Metros Capital commissioned artist Juan Rojas Aguilar to create these panels of colored glass which reflect a magnificent rainbow of light and color onto the building, people, and street below.


Juan Rojas Aguilar is a multi-dimensional conceptual artist and designer. He has designed and built furniture, designed for film, television, and theater, and is an accomplished photographer and color consultant.

Juan grew up in Los Angeles, lives and works in Topanga, where he has his studio practice. He works with color, stone, glass, steel, found objects, wood, fabric, light, and space. He studied Still Photography at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and color at the International Association of Color Consultants of North America. Trained following the tradition of American designer Charles Eames and influenced by Mexican Modernist master Luis Barragan, his work, infused with music and poetry, reflects the elements and the atmosphere of Southern California.


Artist Kate Pincus-Whitney's mural, inspired by Los Angeles' varied iconography, brightens the garage of Metros Capital's Orlando Ave. building in West Hollywood.

Nick Fenmore, Kate, and Nick Halaris toast the completion of Kate’s mural.

Kate Pincus-Whitney with her Great Aunt Pyllis Sues.

Ben introduces his dinosaur to the mural.

Born in Santa Monica, California, Kate Pincus-Whitney is a highly accomplished emerging artist. Known for her distinctive style and socially political and effusive colorful and comical acrylic paintings and woodcarvings, her works can be seen both within public spaces in addition to gallery shows both in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and her home state of California. Currently attending Rhode Island School of Design for her MFA in Painting, Pincus-Whitney plans to return to her home of Los Angeles while continuing to make works with the desire to move, question, and channel the female gaze.


Metros Capital's first mural project, conceived and painted by Robert Enoe, transformed a blank wall into an eye-catching and Instagram-able work of art.


ColorLA's Citrus Avenue project hits the street and is enjoyed by the artist, his family, and the Metros Capital team.

Artist Robert Enoe is a talented artist located in Los Angeles. He has the skill and understanding of photo realism, drawing, concept design, color theory, typography, photography, video editing and painting; all facilitating and informing his ability to take on large and small-scale murals, logos, window painting, scenery, custom designs, portraits, and lettering.

JUDGING: On May 21, 2018 at the offices of Metros Capital in West Hollywood, a panel of judges from the disciplines of advertising, art, business, graphic design, and public relations gathered to review and evaluate a diverse array of artists' proposals for Phase One of the ColorLA Arts Initiative. 


This Competition is now closed. Please check back this summer for Phase 2!