LA WEEKLY: A WeHo Real Estate Project’s Murals Enliven the Neighborhood

For a suite of sites in West Hollywood it’s calling ColorLA, Metros Capital’s ideas about real estate take this creative approach to heart, commissioning murals for new edifices that the developer hopes will appeal not only to potential residents but to the entire neighborhood, and anyone who drives through.

Nick Fenmore, artist Robert Enoe and Nick Halaris in front of a ColorLA mural

Voyage LA: Meet Nick Halaris of Metros Capital

VoyageLA interviews entrepreneurial investor Nick Halaris and how his passion for real estate benefits both his residents and investors. The publication wants the stories they share to help give our big city a little bit of that small town community charm, where people know each other and their stories at a deeper, more personal level. And Nick's new arts initiative ColorLA does just that, by enhancing neglected spaces and supporting local artists.


Real Vision, a leading financial media company catering to sophisticated investors, has invited me to host a series dedicated to understanding what's happening in real estate markets around the world. This clip is from an investigation of the state of the housing market in North America intended to not only inform investors about interesting things happening in the market, but also to empower investors with ideas to make better decisions regarding the allocation of capital in the space.


While the Fed seems continually vexed by the apparent absence of inflation, from the point of view of real estate markets (and most people in America) it is an undeniable reality. In fact, inflation has been raging for years now in the “price of housing” and wreaking havoc on standards of living everywhere.